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Mobile Security Patrols

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Our mobile patrols are an excellent deterrent to crime

With our mobile security patrols, it's all about visibility and presence. Our marked vehicles along with uniformed security officers will be a constant moving presence on your site, letting criminals and trespassers know that any attempt at intrusion or troublemaking would be unwise. What's more, we'll be on hand to respond in the moment, should an incident be in the process of unfolding.

Contact our team for a free consultation to discuss your site security requirements.

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Could mobile Security patrols benefit your Premises?

  • Quantum Security Group's mobile security epatrols offer an efficient and cost-effective option for specific daily security checks for a premises where a full-time security presence may not be required.

  • Our mobile security patrol services are ideal for addressing any concerns about opportunistic criminal activities such as Theft, Trespassing, Arson or Vandalism.

  • Our trained and licensed security officers are booked and will  be conducting regular patrols, our team of  security officers conduct regular patrols on your premises, you can rest assured knowing that your premises is being protected effectively.

  • While on-site our security officers can assist with other duties including: building locking/unlocking,  vacant property inspections, Lone worker welfare checks.

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Our mobile patrol packages offer comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

  • Daily Patrols by SIA Licensed Officers: Our Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenced officers conduct thorough patrols of your premises at regular intervals, during the day or night in our marked vehicles for high-visibility and to ensure the highest level of security.

  • Live Guard Tracking: With our advanced live guard tracking system, we can monitor the exact location of our officers in real-time. This allows us to verify patrol routes and ensure that your premises are always secure.

  • RFID Scan Points: We can install RFID scan points in specific  locations on your premises. These scan points allow our officers to log their patrol activities electronically, providing accurate and detailed patrol reports for specific locations of the premises.

  • Live Reporting System: We receive real-time updates on patrol activities and any incidents that occur on your premises through our advanced live reporting system.

  • 24/7 Operational Support Centre: Our dedicated operational support center is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support whenever you need it. Whether you have an adjustment or just need information, our team are always ready to help.

  • Signage Boards: We install highly visible signage boards to enhance the security presence on your premises. These boards act as a deterrent to potential intruders and reinforce the security measures in place. Additionally, they provide accountability for the security of the premises



1 Daily Patrol
SIA Licenced Officer

Live Monitoring System

24/7 Operational Support

 Signage Boards

Mobile Security Packages



3 Daily Patrols

SIA Licenced Officer

4 RFID Scan Points

Live Monitoring  System

24/7 Operational Support

 Signage Boards



4 Daily Patrols

SIA Licenced Officer

8 RFID Scan Points

Live Monitoring  System

24/7 Operational Support

Signage Boards

Contact Quantum Security Group for further information on our mobile patrols Packages.

Phone: 0333 335 5523


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