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Manned Guarding Services

Manned Deployment: Welcome

Our SIA-licensed security guards go the extra mile to meet your unique requirements

No commercial environment is free from the risk of theft, vandalism, disruption and anti-social behaviour. That's where our SIA-licensed manned guarding service steps in. We'll keep your store, stadium, hotel, office, construction site or any other location under tight observation, dealing proactively with any situations that require our assistance.

We provide a tailored security service for clients locally in Crawley and across all parts of London, Surrey and Sussex.

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We provide manned deployment for a variety of environments

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Retail Security Services

Shoplifting is a nuisance that can take a toll on your profits and increase insurance costs. We can keep a close eye on your retail or pharmaceutical premises deterring any potential  shoplifters and keeping staff safe.

Production Security Services

We can protect every aspect of TV and Film productions. Our security officers can provide full bespoke services from protecting cast, crew and physical equipment to providing location security for specific areas.

Hotel Security Services

Our Security officers are trained to keep your guests, staff and contractors happy and safe while ensuring that trespassing, vandalism and theft are never allowed to impact your reputation.

Manned Deployment: Services
Manned Deployment: Services
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Overnight Security Services

Flash retailing or pop-up-shops are a great way to attract new customers to specifc product or brand, Quantum can help to ensure the premises is secure and protected overnight from vandalism and trespassing.

Construction Security Services 

  We can keep your construction site secure 24/7 either  through various different types of technology solutions we provide or with our highly trained personnel  onsite ready to respond immediately to unauthorised activity .

Hospital Security Services

Our hospital security teams are dedicated to ensuring the safety of patients and staff, while also maintaining a secure environment free from anti-social behavior, vandalism, trespassing, and theft.

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Manned Deployment: Text

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV is an essential tool in your security arsenal, it's even more effective when observed in real-time by our vigilant

SIA Licenced personnel 

Corporate/Office Security Services 

Do you always know who is on your premises and what systems they are accessing? We deliver custom security solutions to our corporate clientele.

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Professional Manned or Static guarding security services in all areas of greater London, Surrey and Sussex.

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