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Close Protection Security

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Tailored close protection security Services

Your personal safety is something you should be taking seriously every minute of every day, especially if you are a high-profile or high-risk individual. But that's why we're here: to keep you and your family protected from harm, no matter your circumstances, situation or location.

Professional, discreet, observant, and fully trained in conflict management, physical Intervention and first aid, Our highly trained, SIA-licensed Close Protection Operatives provide round-the-clock peace of mind, however unusual or unique your needs may be.

A Crawley-based security firm, working with high-profile and high-net-worth clients across all areas of London, Surrey and Sussex.

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We provide EVery Aspect of Close Protection Services

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Manned Deployment: Services
Manned Deployment: Services

Personal Protection Officers /Bodyguards 

Our personal protection professionals provide tailored, unobtrusive protection to fit around you and your lifestyle.

Residential Security Teams

The homes of high-net-worth families are a common target for criminals. Our close protection specialists will be there when you need them the most.

Chauffeurs/Security Drivers

Our security chauffeurs are equipped with advanced driving and close protection skills, keeping you safe at all times when on the move.

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Asset Protection Services

Are your organisation's assets, personnel and business interests at risk? We identify and respond to all threats to keep your assets protected at all cost.

Personal Security Consultancy

Do you know where the risks to your personal safety and assets are or how severe those risks may be? That's where our security consultancy steps in, providing expert security risk analysis and management.

Contact Us

Need to speak with us about close protection? Get in touch with our customer care team now for your free consultation.

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Let's discuss your Close protection requirements. Contact Quantum Security Group now.

Phone: 0333 335 5523


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